When we wake, it's all been erased



Remember when I blindly hated Russel Brand? I fucked up.

Ironically, this is an even better way for Russell Brand to get in my pants.

it’s times like this that I remember how dumb it is to take a hard stance on something you know nothing about. 


Indeed I am


Indeed I am


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I can not fathom to you how annoyingly frustrated I am by Sam Peppers actions; when you dig yourself a hole and find you’re to blame, the mature thing to do is accept and own up to your actions.

Not only has this boy lied further into protecting his image and his self, he has made the situation worse by opening his mouth; he has now threatened some one who has had the courage to show the truth.

We have had numerous amounts of evidence where people have shun the light onto Sam Pepper’s true self and I find it very difficult to believe that he will find a way out of this situation.

why the hell are these tweets not covering my entire dash

fix. that.

So, is Sam Pepper slowly losing his grip on reality or what?


For the oppression of women to be taken seriously and addressed by the mainstream and majority, it has to be packaged so as not to hurt the feelings and/or egos of men.

Emma Watson’s speech was brilliant, and she’s incredibly brave for standing up for human rights, just the…

As a man, I have spent most of my life being coddled when it comes to the idea of acting right by women. I could always hide behind the idea that I wasn’t as bad as other guys, which is completely ass backwards. But it doesn’t matter how you are compared to other people; it’s about how you are, period. If I am comparing myself to the average man, then of course I am going to be the good guy. 

When I really thought about it and realized that I was contributing to this broken system, the guilt was immense. I wanted nothing more than to be told that I wasn’t as bad as everyone else, that I was a “good guy”. This is a farce.

A good person doesn’t expect praise or a clear conscience. They work to make this world better, regardless of whether or not it comes easy to them. They don’t back down when they have to question their choices and change their beliefs. They embrace change, listen to others, and do the best damn job they can to help out. 

So, no, I’m not a “good guy”. I’m not even a good person; but I am making damn sure that I work towards that ideal, because I have to hold myself to a higher standard.